Tour begins where the Thames reaches the English Channel.

Location: Sheerness, England
Venue: Sheppey Blues and Folk Club

On September 4th, I took the Delta Airlines to London, England. My mission, a tour of 12 booked dates to promote “Mama’s Goin’ Out” my new album. By the time I boarded my Delta flight home 45 days later I had performed 23 booked events and taken a wild ride across six countries. So here it begins.

phil and banjo

First I need a banjo.

Previous experience with checked instruments and the airlines had resulted in destroyed instruments, so I elected to carry a guitar on the plane and buy a banjo in England the week before I travelled to London. Surfing on the Internet, from Florida, 4,000 miles away, I found a Grafton Clipper in London. My good friend and excellent photographer Phil Weedon lives in Kent, not far from the banjo. Purchase by proxy, banjo in hand (Phil’s hand), and now on to London.

stage shot sheppey

Flying internationally now is an experience in packaging.

The overnite flight came with seats which did not recline, while my knees rested on the seat in front of me. Customs cleared, reunited with my luggage, I rode the “tube” to downtown London and my hotel. A walk, quick meal and sleep. The next morning I met Phil, Val and the Grafton Clipper. A great instrument. Now a walk around tour of downtown London and logistics planning for the upcoming show in Kent.

Tom Shed! Monday, September 8th

Our club has made another American Country Music friend and Tom Shed promises great evening of fun. His unique blend of music and thoughtful commentary and skilled performance on guitar and banjo keeps audiences delighted as he takes us on a journey through “history, humour and the human condition”. Tom Shed is a Grammy nominated songwriter and has performed throughout the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia and can now add the Isle of Sheppey to that list! Tom sings about real events, the great Hurricane of 1928, the great fire of Jacksonville and about being "lost in a swamp and the unforgiving nature of the wild"! We have some great experiences of our friends from across the pond and Tom Shed will be no exception! So check the video and make a date, it's a great way to spend a Monday evening.

Show Time.

Graham White provided a great venue, stage and sound system for the Sheerness show. I opened with the true story of love at first sight. This one is for Aimee.

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