London, Liverpool and the BBC

Location: London to Liverpool
Venue: BBC Merseyside, Liverpool

Getting’ there is half the fun. We left London and the Thames driving all the way across England to Liverpool. Yes, driving. I learned right hand driving on tour in New Zealand and Australia. Now in the “Mother Country” it was go time.

driving 2

Right Side Driving, Left Side Road

New signs, laws, along with a lot of cars made driving in the U.K. challenging. While on tour in New Zealand I was offered advice by a world traveler.
driving pic 1
Remember, no matter what country you are in, the Driver is in the middle of the road. If you find you are driving next to the curb…you are going the wrong way!

This little bit of truth really works.


the word manifests images in black and white of music history in the making. All the “B’s” start popping; Beatles, BBC and Billy Butler. But first…
ferry 3 liverpool
ferry 2

A Ferry Good Time

Arriving in Liverpool we navigated our way to the Quayside. The docks were filled with sailing ships and, of course, a Ferry. A trip across the river on the “Ferry Cross the Mersey” gave us a great view of Liverpool.

Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec.

Tom Shed wasn’t the only show in town. Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway was on at the Echo Arena. Honestly, I had not heard of Ant and Dec. They are famous in the U.K. and work the stage on Britian’s Got Talent.
echo arena, ant and dec show
Walking by the Echo Arena, hundreds of people began to gather at the entrance. Curious, I went to the ticket office to ask what the show was, “Ant and Dec”, I had no idea, but, when in Liverpool… I asked for two tickets. “Only two left”. The seats were in the first row, center. Ok, with the stage in front of us and 12,000 people behind, we enjoyed a great British Variety show. Ant even commented on my cowboy hat.
ant and dec audience

Billy and Tom

Billy Butler and the BBC

Next day I was live on the BBC. Billy Butler, a legend in British broadcasting is having me by. Two parts of the interview are here. Billy was the DJ at the Cavern Club, famous for being the place the Beatles were discovered. Billy was there when it all began. He also hosted Hold Your Plums a famous radio show. It was an honor to be interviewed by him.

BBC lobby

Jimmy McCracken,

Billy’s producer set me up nicely in the open lobby of the BBC. I was warming up as a few folks stopped to listen. I said,

Well, I’m in Liverpool at the BBC, I guess I should play a Beatles song.

Knowing the bar is a little high at this location, I played Her Majesty from Abbey Road. It’s the shortest Beatles song.


Now on to my concert at View Two Gallery on St. Matthew St. above the Cavern.

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