Tom Shed brings songs of life, love, and Florida to the historic Dunnellon Train Station

Sunday August 12th from 2 to 4:30.

Presented by the Will McLean Foundation. Special guest, symphony Bassist Dan Peterson.

Donation: $10.

Location: 12061 S. Williams St. Dunnellon, Florida 34432

RSVP and event details

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Radio Station listening page for Tom Shed’s new hit album Davey’s Cornet plus Mama’s Goin’ Out

Contact Tom Shed at for MP3 files or CD’s.

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2017 European Tour Concludes

Just completed my European tour. Videos, photos, and new audio coming soon. Stay tuned!

Tom Shed Featured in Nashville Musician magazine

Tom Shed - Nashville Musician magazine

New Album, ‘Davey’s Cornet’, Available Now

The title song, “Davey’s Cornet”, tells a true story of PTSD. A returning Veteran brilliantly disguises his war experience. “War is not remembered, it is relived”.

Grammy Members, For Your Consideration link is here:

For Recording Academy Members Only – Davey’s Cornet.

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Tom Shed returns to the Florida Music and Arts Festival

Tom Shed returns to Florida Festival this year and is featured in The Gainesville Sun.

Tom Shed performs at A Third Place

Tom Shed performs at A Third Place in Eustis and is featured in The Daily Commercial.

Tom Shed performs at the Thomas Center

Tom Shed performs at the Thomas Center and is featured in The Gainesville Sun.

Tom Shed performs at Gamblefest

Tom Shed performs at Gamblefest and is featured in The St. Augustine Record.

Tom Shed performs at The Tarpon Lodge

Tom Shed performs at The Tarpon Lodge in Pine Island, FL and is featured in The Pine Island Eagle.

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