And so it goes… last dance, Germany

Leaving great people in the Netherlands, the final concerts of the tour are here. Wilhelmshaven, Germany is the destination.

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The Netherlands, again

Leaving York, England the road leads back to Europe. This will be my third Channel crossing, still no Chunnel for me. Take the train to Hull, and this time a different ferry. I will cross to Rotterdam, Netherlands. Ferry to bus to train, to train, to train.
Once again I settle into the Hotel la Promenade, Baarn, just outside of Amsterdam. M.C. Escher used to live here, the stairs at the hotel remind me of him. If you want to experience a country and its culture, get out of the big cities. [Read more…]

Copenhagen to Leuven, Belgium, then York England to Sclam Park

Copenhagen, Denmark to Leuven, Belgium then on to York, England is a hop, skip and a jump, translation? A 1600km drive, train and a ferry ride to boot. It begins with an early start, crossing Denmark again on its great bridges. Due to the massive city traffic, I am timing my drive to pass through Hamburg at night, late. Next stop Leuven, Belgium. [Read more…]

Road Trip to Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark lies on the edge of Europe. I know this because I drove from the Netherlands to Copenhagen in a day, a long day. Leaving Amsterdam I stop off in Aschendorf, Germany to meet a real Country Music Star and Radio Personality, Hermann Lammers Meyer. [Read more…]

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a wonderful place to visit. The people are friendly and there is a real appreciation for music. I am fortunate to be interviewed by Bertwin Bijlevld of BAARN-FM Radio. Bertwin appreciates the Blues and features this genre of music on his show “Blues and Friends”. [Read more…]

Paris by Picture

Paris, the word creates images of a cosmopolitan city symbolized by the Eiffel Tower.   Here are pictures taken in September 2014.  They are in three categories.  Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and The Streets of Paris.  It is a photo display of the two most famous structures in Paris and the path between.  Travel was by foot and boat on the Seine.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, please forward the link to your friends.  If you use a photo, all I ask is to be credited along with my website. (Tom Shed, They might make a great screen saver.  All the best.

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Notre Dame

The Streets of Paris

Eiffel Tower

Liverpool to Calais to Paris

Fast, then Slow, then Fast.

The concert at View Two Gallery begins with The Southbound Attic Band followed by Roxanne de Bastion, then me.
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London, Liverpool and the BBC

Getting’ there is half the fun. We left London and the Thames driving all the way across England to Liverpool. Yes, driving. I learned right hand driving on tour in New Zealand and Australia. Now in the “Mother Country” it was go time.
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Making Music with Mark Dean Ellen

Accommodations in London are “dear”(quite pricey) and somewhat difficult to research. We secured a hotel in Southwark (pronounced “suth-uk”) and proceeded to look around.

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