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Tom Shed Featured in Nashville Musician magazine

Tom Shed - Nashville Musician magazine

New Album, ‘Davey’s Cornet’, Available Now

The title song, “Davey’s Cornet”, tells a true story of PTSD. A returning Veteran brilliantly disguises his war experience. “War is not remembered, it is relived”.

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For Recording Academy Members Only – Davey’s Cornet

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Davey’s Cornet

Davey’s Cornet, Tom Shed’s new album takes us on a journey through “history, humor and the human condition”
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Mama’s Goin’ Out

“Mama’s Goin’ Out” is an album with many musical styles.  It is a collection of songs with an artistic view and poignant message.  Each song contains a point and perspective, crafted to introduce the listener to ideas, history and inspiration.  Music with purpose, or if you like, songs about something. Samples are MP3.


 “Mama’s Goin’ Out” – An homage to working single mothers.  “Mama’s Goin’ Out” declares life has changed, but it’s not over.

“It Don’t Mean You’re Country”- Somewhere in a pop star or actors life there comes a moment they decide they will “up and go country”.  Sometimes it’s an idea better left alone.

“Congratulations Standing Bear” – In 1838 a Native American is brought to Federal Court and ruled a “human being”.  One savage changed into a human being just in time to suffer the consequences. A Don Grooms song.

“Forgotten Memories” – Taking a look at our past and future, “Where’s the water coming from?” never meant so much. Jerry Lawrence Bullard and Tom Shed write this plea for sanity with our natural resources.

“Florida State of Mine” – A celebration of life in the “Sunshine State” as seen thru the natural wonders of our state parks.

“Rivers Roll On” – Amy Carol Webb’s observation of Florida’s rivers and life’s’ flow.

“Plumes” – Steve Blackwell’s song about the first Game Warden murdered while defending a species of birds.

“Maybe” – Decision by indecision.  Life continues to move, disengaging from charting your own course leaves you in a world not of your own.

“Richard’s Blues” – A close friend of Tom’s planned his life out, then died while working towards early retirement.  Each day may be your last.

“Scream and Shout, the relationship song” – Most relationships don’t work out.  When you guard your personality and ego like they have great value, you lose the only thing that does have value.

“Tomorrow” – Don Grooms view of life at hand.  Giving up on today, hoping for better days to come.

“Banjo goes NASCAR®”* – Tom Shed’s salute to all those wrench grabbin’, paint tradin’, pedal to the metal, piston heads who fling mud and dirt dreaming of the day they go to the great asphalt oval. (*NASCAR® is a registered trademark.)

Tom Shed returns to the Florida Music and Arts Festival

Tom Shed returns to Florida Festival this year and is featured in The Gainesville Sun.

Tom Shed performs at A Third Place

Tom Shed performs at A Third Place in Eustis and is featured in The Daily Commercial.

Tom Shed performs at the Thomas Center

Tom Shed performs at the Thomas Center and is featured in The Gainesville Sun.

Tom Shed performs at Gamblefest

Tom Shed performs at Gamblefest and is featured in The St. Augustine Record.

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