The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a wonderful place to visit. The people are friendly and there is a real appreciation for music. I am fortunate to be interviewed by Bertwin Bijlevld of BAARN-FM Radio. Bertwin appreciates the Blues and features this genre of music on his show “Blues and Friends”.


The studio is a combination of TV and Radio

so the place is lit for television. In the interview we talked about the beginnings of Southern Rock, a genre created in large part by the Allman Brothers Band in the late 60’s.

I was fortunate to grow up in Jacksonville, Florida

and see this come together. “Underground” was the term of the day for the bands who experimented with music and stayed away from the Top 40 format. I was in one of these bands. Music made the transition from background dance music to listening music. The dress went from jackets and dresses, to jeans and t-shirts. In a few short years, music gained enormous power and began uniting young people with message and inspiration. It was magic.


Bertwin is also a musician and can bend a note.

He presented me with a glass slide made from an old wine bottle. I tried it out with my SG and it rings like a bell.

Bertwin and I talked about my latest album, “Mama’s Goin’ Out” and the purpose behind each song. It was wonderful to speak with someone who had listened to the album and had an opinion on each track. We jammed some after the show.

I invited Bertwin to come to my next gig

at Café de Karseboom and play on stage with me. We had a great time and played the entire gig together. Good music, good times. Next, Germany and Denmark.

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