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Just a Soft Echo

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I have lost so many friends recently, I want to share this song. One day it will be played for me. What was, is now gone. Life is not a privilege or a right. Nature has sent us something, we refuse to listen. Either way Nature speaks, are you listening?

Music by Curly Maple Recording Artist, Tom Shed. “history, humor and the human condition”.

"Life has changed, but it's not over."

- Mama's Goin' Out, Tom Shed

Who's Tom Shed?

Singer, Songwriter.

Mama's Goin' Out

This one is for single moms. Life may have changed, but it's not over.

Davey's Cornet

Davey's Cornet
PTSD changes lives forever.


Decision by indecision is life living you. Live your life.

Better Than Good

Davey's Cornet
Love at first sight, it could happen.

More Than Just Music:

And so it goes…last dance, Germany
Leaving great people in the Netherlands, the final concerts of the tour are here. Wilhelmshaven, Germany is the destination. From Baarn, Netherlands to Wilhelmshaven, Germany it’s time for trains.
Road Trip to Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark lies on the edge of Europe. I know this because I drove from the Netherlands to Copenhagen in a day, a long day. Leaving Amsterdam I stop off in Aschendorf, Germany to meet a real Country Music Star and Radio Personality, Hermann Lammers Meyer.
Copenhagen to Leuven, Belgium, then York England to Sclam Park
Copenhagen, Denmark to Leuven, Belgium then on to York, England is a hop, skip and a jump, translation? A 1600km drive, train and a ferry ride to boot. It begins with an early start, crossing Denmark again on its great bridges…
Liverpool to Calais to Paris
Fast, then Slow, then Fast. The concert at View Two Gallery begins with The Southbound Attic Band followed by Roxanne de Bastion, then me.
London, Liverpool and the BBC
Getting’ there is half the fun. We left London and the Thames driving all the way across England to Liverpool. Yes, driving. I learned right hand driving on tour in New Zealand and Australia. Now in the “Mother Country” it was go time.

Making Music with Mark Dean Ellen
Accommodations in London are “dear”(quite pricey) and somewhat difficult to research. We secured a hotel in Southwark (pronounced “suth-uk”) and proceeded to look around.

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